Zuzu's Bakery Baking for fun and food
Baking for fun and food

2021 Fun & Filling Bread Making Courses

Bread Course 2021

By Tim Smith formerly of Zuzu’s Bakery in Malton

The aim of these competitively priced courses is to help you make a delicious loaf of bread at home.

What we’ll do together is explore what kit, ingredients and methods you can use to make bread and buns. And then to build on that knowledge for your own use later.

(Although sourdough will get a look in, I won’t be treating it as anything other than another method.)

I’ll also be slipping in some history, some international variations, and maybe some laughs along the way. I’ve got a few stories from my little bakery in Malton. North Yorkshire for example but those are for later.

You’ll leave any one of the courses with a method to make yourself a loaf of bread that you’ll enjoy. You’ll get tips but no shortcuts, and you should even get some proper enjoyment out of your time.

Each online course will be 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

Each course will be supported by follow-up PDFs.

For an additional cost you can also get personal online mentoring.

Course #1 – What you need to make a loaf of bread

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Kit
  • Ingredients
  • Attitude
  • Q&A

Course #2 – Making a basic loaf

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Kit
  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • Q&A

Course #3 – That Sourdough loaf

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Kit
  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • Q&A

Course #4 – Going Deeper part 1

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • A bit of history
  • What is bread?
  • What is the matrix?
  • Q&A

Course #5 – Going Deeper part 2

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Why hard flour?
  • What is gluten?
  • What does rising do?
  • What does proving do?
  • Q&A


What you’ll get for your money

  • Each course will last for 40 minutes including a Q&A.
  • Each course will be live so we can have that Q&A. And so you can interrupt me if I’m going too fast or being too technical.
    • However, if you can’t make it. I’ll be recording each course for you to keep afterwards. These will be made available on Youtube with a private link.
  • I’m opting to use Zoom because I think that everybody understands it by now (more than other platforms). If you need any help with it, let me know in advance and I’ll help you out (for free).
  • I am currently creating some videos to accompany each course. These will include things like folding techniques, different flours, “is it proofed yet” tests. I’ll make these available to you. These won’t be made public.
  • You’ll get a PDF with recipes, methods and tips to use later.
  • I’m planning on some special guest bakers and cooks… but that’s still subject to negotiations so it’ll be an extra special added extra.



As you can see from the website, I’ve listed a five different courses.
Multi-course pricing runs like this:
1 Course = £30
2 Courses = £55
3 Courses = £80
4 Courses = £100
5 Courses = £110
Additional one-to-one mentoring during pre-booked, half hour sessions on weekday afternoons using Zoom, Facebook, Skype (whatever’s easiest for you) will be £15 per half-hour.
I prefer payment via a PayPal address I’ll let you have but that’s not a deal breaker.

Contact  using the form below if you’re interested.

See you!



Tim Smith Baker
Tim Smith Baker